Sunday, February 1, 2009

Kathy's Green Curry

Earlier this week I made green curry with brown rice for supper. In this first picture you can see the rice cooker in the background. When my parents came back from living in the Philippines for about a year they bought a rice cooker. When I found out how much easier making rice is with one, I got my own, and I love it. You can cook white or brown rice in it (It's magic! It knows how long to cook either, even though it's a different amount of time! (We eventually had to look up how it works. Turns out it's physics.)) without worrying about burning. It turns out great EVERY time and you don't have to take up a burner on the stove.
Anyway, back to the curry. I started the rice before I started the curry, since brown rice takes about 40 minutes to cook. Then I sauteed a couple of onions, the way I always start my curries. I added a sweet potato, cut into thin sticks, and then several cubed potatoes. I added enough water to keep them from burning, adding more as needed.

After the potatoes had cooked for a bit, I added a thinly sliced sweet red pepper. I also prepared the sauce, which consists of two bunches of cilantro and 5 or 6 garlic cloves blended with enough water to make blending easy in a blender. I also added some Thai seasoning - a dry mix that I get at my local health/bulk food store, and some salt.
When the potatoes were cooked, I added some shelled edamame (soybeans). I like their flavor and their texture - they're very firm, not at all mealy.
You can see a wierd ball-thing behind the curry dish. That is a couple of sweet potatoes that grew together into a loose sphere. I saw it in the sweet potato bin at the store and thought it was pretty cool, and since I needed sweet potatoes, purchased it/them. The sweet potato that I used for this curry had some weird white streaks - sort of like regular potato mixed in with the sweet. It must be the season for odd sweet potatoes.


Lindsy said...

...and if I have no "thai" spice? Also, cilantro is really hard to find here. which is dumb. everyone should love cilantro as much as I do... I asked in about 7 fruterias. all of which had parsely, none of which had cilantro. went to the huge supermarket... "we'll get it in tomorrow!" they did, actually, but a tiny little plastic package was 1.40. this week i found it in the other supermarket, and it was half that. but not too fresh.. * sigh *

Kathy Glick Miller said...

I've actually made this with parsley and no Thai seasoning, and it was quite good. Just make sure you've got lots of garlic. And maybe some cayenne.