Saturday, February 7, 2009


Kim recently wrote a blog entry about living in the present.  I have gotten out of the habit, but I used to consider where I would be in five years or ten years.  After several five or ten year periods passed, I found that my plans didn't really have any bearing on reality.  So I stopped planning that far out.

It wasn't really disappointing.  It was actually more of a relief.  It showed me basically the same thing that Kim came to realize:  living in the present is the best way to enjoy life. 

Planning probably is a good idea, but more in a general sense.  I used to think about taking more classes, moving to certain locations, having children, etc. etc.  Now, I'm happy to live in Goshen until the time comes to move, work at my current job until something else comes along.  We don't have to plan and force change just to meet some arbitrary deadline.  Life happens; things change; we move with the flow. 

I have two goals:  further my education and own my own business so Kathy and I can work together.  We had specific plans for both of these options at one point or another.  Those plans didn't work out because of various circumstances, which at first was disappointing.  My focus has changed though.  I live in the present and enjoy where I am at.  If something works out that would lead to either of those goals I would consider them, weighing them against our current situation. 

If it seems like they will work out I would be happy, but I don't have to force them because I am happy as things stand. 

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