Sunday, February 1, 2009

Roasted Vegetables

Last night for supper we had roasted vegetables. This is one of our favorite meals - it's pretty quick and easy, it tastes great, you can make it with whatever veggies you have on hand, and it's very healthy.
This particular bunch was made with sweet potatoes, an onion, a regular potato (Yukon Gold), some green onions, a sweet red pepper, and a carrot. I cut up all the vegetables, trying to cut the ones that cook more slowly into smaller pieces and the ones that cook more quickly into larger pieces so that everything would finish cooking at more or less the same time. I tossed the cut veggies with a little olive oil and some salt, and popped the baking dish into a 400 degree oven.
I set a timer to go off at 10 minute intervals so that I could stir the veggies periodically. This batch took about 40 to bake. The veggies were done at half an hour, but I like to bake them a little longer because the onions get a little carmelized and I really like that flavor.
I normally try to have a green veggie in this - normally snow or sweet peas, sometimes asparagus, but it's still good without. When you bake roasted veggies, it's better to use a larger pan so that the vegetables can be spread out in a fairly thin layer.

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