Sunday, December 30, 2007

Holidays roll on

Kathy and I are back in Goshen. I'm watching the Colts who will hopefully pull out a win, despite resting a lot of their starters. A win for the Colts means the Browns are in the playoffs.

We spent the past week in Ohio, visiting family, celebrating Christmas. We spent a few days in Hartville and a few days in Millersburg. I also spent one day on the road. Kim flew into Atlanta and Bruce was going down to pick her up since tickets were expensive. I went along with him to help out driving. We left at 4:45 AM on Friday and arrived home with the peripatetic (they walked everywhere, up to 10 hours a day) at 6 AM Saturday morning. It was a long trip with poor weather.

Kathy and I are both working partial days tomorrow. I was going to have the day off, but a client needs some work done before the beginning of the year. So I'll do that project and then call it a day. Kathy wants to get an early jump on the work for the year so she will spend at least half the day working.

It's time for a snack and some serious rooting. The Titans just kicked a field goal to tie it...


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