Friday, December 14, 2007

Friday Night Lights

Okay, it's not quite high school football--it's women's rec league volleyball. I came up to watch Kathy play in Mishawaka. Mostly she wants me as a chauffeur...especially against the team they're playing tonight. It's currently 7-3 and that's the closest it will be all night.

We're headed to South Bend to finish our Christmas shopping once we're done here. Probably Best Buy and Barnes & Noble.

Did I mention the other team only has four players, and their one fan is complaining because Kathy's team is talking strategy?

Only five more days of work until Christmas vacation! And it is looking to be a busy week. Hopefully the busy-ness won't be as obnoxious as today's. I went to a client's at 1:30, expecting to be done in a couple hours. Instead, I spent 3.5 hours installing a Quickbooks update. And I only finished four of the six computers. The install isn't particularly difficult--it just takes forever. Fun, fun.

Ooh, their fifth player just showed up. Right after one of the others twisted her ankle.

So this is one of those teams that yells "free free free" when there's no point. It's just short of a pet peeve of mine... Their offense is a get-it-over -the-net offense with no transition between offense and defense. Ergo, no real reason to yell free. Ah, well.

Kathy just called a lift on herself...

Well, the battery on my phone is getting low. I'll sign off for now. Have a great weekend!

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