Friday, November 19, 2010


I was debating whether to post a couple more writings.  We have gotten positive feedback from quite a few people saying that they appreciate the glimpse into our lives, into our thoughts, as we continue to mourn our daughter Eleanor. 

Since I couldn’t decide, I let Kristi read them and asked what she thought about posting them.  She pretty much echoed the sentiment that you readers would appreciate the frank emotion and short peek into our lives.

She also said she appreciated reading them in my hand writing.  So I’m trying something new.  I scanned the writings from the book that I have been writing in.  It did not appreciate being squished into the scanner, but I hope you enjoy the results.  If you have trouble reading the images, scroll to the bottom for transcriptions.

First, a letter to Ellie:


And, a poem to Kathy:


Transcription in case you have trouble reading my writing.  First, a letter to Ellie:

Dearest Ellie:

I hope you know how much you mean to me… Even though you only lived briefly outside of mommy’s tummy, we fell deeply in love with you.  In the 9 months leading up to your birth, we got to know your squiggles, your movements and kicks.  We would sit on the couch, me with my hand on mommy’s belly, feeling you move.  At night I would read you a story—usually Fox in Socks.  We thought the rhythm would interest you and even comfort you after you were born.

I had many expectations for you.  And at the same time none.  There were many things I wanted to do with you, but I would have been so happy to let you be you and develop into the person you would become.

You died an hour after you were born.  One expectation every parent has is that their child will outlive them.  This did not happen for me and you.

But really, even that does not matter.  You are still my daughter and I loved every minute I got to spend with you!  I just wish there could have been more.

With deep profound love,


And, a poem for Kathy:

I like being close to you

feeling warm skin on warm skin

laying my head on your chest

feeling it


and fall

with each






You remind me of our little one

who we loved and nurtured

as best we could

Your love makes

our heavy burden

a little


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Alicia said...

I am thankful for friends who are true to their thoughts and emotions, who love with the entirety of their being, and who encourage me to be a truer and better person. I'm thankful for friends like you, Craig and Kathy. When you sit down at Thanksgiving dinner, may you take one deep sigh in sadness for your loss, and immediately follow it with another deep breath, filling you completely with the love you have from your friends, your family, and each other. You two are awesome and I wish you nothing but sunshine.