Sunday, March 2, 2008

Ultimate is coming...

We went to another indoor Ultimate tournament yesterday at Woodland Sports in Grand Rapids, MI. It wasn't all night like the last one, but it was a lot more fun. There were two more teams and one more game. We took a caravan up from Goshen--there were nine of us in two cars. I was fortunate to play on the same team as Kathy until she slightly sprained her ankle late in the evening.

Since we were all riding up together we had everyone over for lunch at our house at noon. Then we hung out and played some video games, watched an Ultimate video. We had a lot of fun and Kathy made a wonderful lasagna (one with meat and one with spinach and mushrooms).

I'm feeling pretty tired tonight from all the running around yesterday so I'm going to keep this short and write more tomorrow. Hope you all have a wonderful evening!

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