Monday, February 18, 2008

Waiting for . . . Kathy

I'm sitting in MonkeyPeaches--that's what we named our new car--while Kathy finishes up her day. I just back in to Goshen after two calls in Mishawaka and Elkhart. It was close enough to 5 that I decided to just wait in the parking lot.

Now that I decided to write into the blog, she'll probably come right out.

I drove up to Mishawaka only to find out that I need to go back. I was going to update their antivirus, but found out that I needed to install an additional piece on the server. We could not find the Windows server CDs anywhere. I thought I might have one in my trunk, but no luck. So I get to go back up later this week, after I make a copy of the CD for them.

Just for the record we inherited this client, this server. We can easily blame it on the previous tech.

Well, it's time to go now. See you all later!

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