Thursday, September 27, 2007

Selling cars

So Kathy and I sold our station wagon this past weekend. Well, not quite yet...

Kathy's sister Kristi recently moved to Virginia where they require inspections before they will title your car. Her car (Escort Wagon, go figure...) did not pass. We were both back in Ohio last weekend and after some discussion about what to do we decided to offer her our Escort Wagon to replace hers. The sale isn't final yet since we told her she could wait until it passes inspection to make it official.

So for now Kathy and I are down to one car. I think we'll be able to make it work without too much trouble, and then we will look at replacing it sometime next year.

Speaking of only having one car, I need to go pick up Kathy from work so she can go play volleyball with the GC team.


Lindsy said...

where is that sign? its amazing! and what´s happening with Kristi´s old car? and i miss you. and why am I not capitalizing the proper letters? And why has religion been used/is beeing used as a tapa para preguntas de la gente?

cgm said...

Uh, good questions. I'm not sure about the last one. That's a bit deeper than the others. Kristi's old car did not pass Virginia inspection. You're not capitalizing because your lazy or the shift key doesn't work properly. And I found the sign online. I have no idea where it actually exists, but you could easily make your own. ;-)