Monday, September 10, 2007

Chicago Heavyweights

I went to Chicago for an Ultimate tournament this weekend. We finally got our jerseys for this fall, even though we only have one more tournament left. They are pretty sweet jerseys--hopefully you can see the photo well enough and ignore the button. I took the picture with my phone.

We played pretty well, although we got pretty tired by the end of the day on Sunday. We finished 4-3, even after losing our first two games. Not too bad considering we haven't practiced together. That's also part of the reason we were tired since we aren't in the best of shape.

Next weekend is our last tournament. Then we should have some free weekends again. We are already looking at going back to Ohio to visit family the following weekend (Sept 21,22,23). Bruce will be getting back from his trip to India, Myanmar, and Indonesia so we are heading back to welcome him home.

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