Thursday, September 23, 2010


Kristi was kind enough to let me use her enameling materials and kiln.  Here are some earrings that I made.

It's been great working on these.
Craig's been taking some photos of Kristi's work while I've been playing in her studio.  They both do excellent, excellent work.  I'm sure he'll post samples at some point.
The last week or so has been a mix of good days and harder days for me. 
Last night as we approached our house, returning from Kristi's, workers were flushing the fire hydrant in front of our next door neighbor's house.  There was a city truck with bright white flashers on the back parked on the street beside the hydrant. I was reminded of this commercial - the water was shooting out in an arc that was perhaps 20 feet long, and when the lights would flash you would see that the arc wasn't solid water, but a myriad of tiny droplets that caught the light like diamonds.

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Alicia said...

Those are really great earrings! My faves are the top ones. Nice work, Kathy.