Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Ultimate Club season over

Our Ultimate club season is over. 

Deep breath.  Just in time for the weather to turn colder.  Kathy and I were pretty happy with the season overall.  I think every team will have its issues, but we had plenty of fun this year, and met lots of wonderful people!

And we finished 5th at Regionals (came in as the 10 seed)!

Here they are:

hybrid 2009 2009 regionals

(row 1) Derek, Witham, James, Tom, Scooter, Coach Dave, Maria, Seth, Kathy, Craig, Lucarotti, Paivo, Putman, (row2) Jules, Lucas, Chani, Amish, Sam, Pug, Ashley, High School, Sherri, (laying down) Vic, Stewey, Juggles (reading a book:  Alicia)

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Alicia said...

I'm glad I made it in the picture, even though I was the invisible bookworm! I really wish I would have been there to destroy Dragonthrust that day, too! I may have made the wrong decision by doing school work... well, maybe not...