Thursday, July 23, 2009

Client issues are my fault?

Kathy recently shared this article with me:

Since I do support for computers, most of these are highly amusing and sadly true. While we don’t write software, we do provide support for software and often run into similar situations. “Many users are lazy, stupid, or lazy and stupid…” My favorite is:

ISSUE #88318
Client Issue:
"your getting than you used to be" (That's the entirety of the message from the client.)

Problem Point:
While it is unclear whether or not this is actually a complaint, what is clear is that the technician's "getting" is in some way different than the technician himself was at some point in the past.

Improvement Goal:
Each technician should take better care of his "getting", to ensure that it stops differing from how the technician used to be. That way, the technician will potentially be praised by the client with the commendation that, "your getting is now exactly the same as you are now". And those are the type of praises that result in raises.

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isaaclw said...

pretty much amazing.
I'm glad you shared that article. It made my day yesterday.