Sunday, April 19, 2009

Front Flower Beds.

We took the opportunity of a beautiful day yesterday to work on our flowerbeds.  We got quite a bit done and they look great, although they will look better in a couple weeks when the new and split plants grow up.

I decided to take some pictures to share.  I just quickly snapped three photos and figured I would try Windows Live Photo Gallery's panorama feature (panorama test of our Florida vacation).  Here's what came out:

house Stitch

Our house seemed a little narrow, sans door.  So I put it into Photoshop and used their automerge feature:

house automerge

Um, wow.  These results are even worse.  So I decided to just manually put them together.  The blending isn't that great; I didn't really spend any time on it.  It does give a better idea of what our house actually looks like:

house manual

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