Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Coffee again

Well, I guess it is human to change...

I have switched from honey in my breakfast oatmeal to brown sugar. I even put milk on it this morning.

And I have gone from not drinking any coffee to looking forward to that cup every morning. This morning I didn't have time to make a cappuccino so I just drip brewed a normal cup of coffee using Starbucks' Breakfast Blend. It was okay, but not as good as the cappuccino.

The coffee change probably shouldn't be too much of a surprise. My main objection to coffee didn't have much to do with the taste. I remember my mom and other relatives drinking a lot of coffee when I was growing up. She would make a pot of coffee in the morning and have a cup or two. Then she would finish the pot after work, warming up a mug-full in the microwave.

That seemed too much to me so I decided to never start drinking coffee. I managed for 20 years or so. I don't remember when I started the non-coffee conviction, but it probably was early in my second decade or thereabouts. Before I even tasted coffee I was convinced I would not like it. Between that conviction and the acquired-taste of coffee, eschewing the bean juice was relatively easy.

Until Kathy bought that cappuccino maker...

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seaweaver said...

Even my mom started drinking coffee after being a life-long abstainer. She was 59. Here's to coffee! I look forward to having you both over for breakfast sometime!