Thursday, December 18, 2008

You're drinking what!?!

I can't believe it. 

Once again this morning I made a cup of cappuccinocappuccino for me and Kathy.  That's the fourth time in the last couple of weeks that I have made (and drank) cappuccino.

For those of you who don't know, cappuccino is coffee.  Coffee!

I'm pretty sure at one point in my life I swore I would never drink coffee.  I didn't really like the taste anyway.  I guess I'm older and wiser now, although that may be debatable. 

Christa is to blame!

While we were in Virginia for Thanksgiving, she made some and offered it to Kathy.  I was still on my high horse so I declined.  However, Kathy liked it so much that when we got home, she went and bought a cappuccino machine, complete with milk frother and steamer.  Now, I've always liked the smell of fresh ground coffee so I was curious what she was making and she offered me a taste. 

Now I'm getting up early enough in the morning to make us both a cup before I take her into work.


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Michael said...

Heh, next thing you know, you'll be wearing scratchy sweaters, watching French films and listening to obscure indie rock bands. At least according to the McDonalds commercial I heard this morning.