Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Twitter limericks

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I've signed up for Twitter, an internet thing that lets you update your status using 140 characters (including spaces!) or less per post. It's kind of like a little mini-blog. Anyway, I've begun posting updates in the form of limericks, which is kind of fun - depending on word choices, they are generally about 140 characters, tho I often have to abbreviate some words.

Following are a few of the limericks. I've un-abbreviated some words to aid in clarity. =)

"last nite did u complete a task?"
some among u might ask
I did! (You're astute!)
& enjoyed it, to boot-
I watched Neil Gaimon’s Mirrormask

on Mon. I was in a daze
from a cheery, oft-repeated phrase
so thanks to y'all
who wrote on my wall
a plethora of "happy birthday"s

(this was directed at people who'd wished me a happy birthday on my Facebook "wall," the area of the site where you can leave comments)

This is a really bad poem
'bout how I wish I were home
so I would be free
to play my PS3
I'd play Eden, or else Echochrome

2day my mood was the saddest
b/c of somethng my vocab'd missed
on an invoice I read
& then scratchd my head
this guy's title was: Numismatist

to make science's knowledge base wider
they'll start the large hadron collider
some fear the slow birth
of black holes in the earth
but I’m much more scared of that spider

u no when ur whole body hurts
& ur breath comes in gasps & in spurts
ur quads r on fire
& ur heartrate is higher
uv successfully finished the Snertz

(The Snertz is a pretty intense workout designed for Ultimate (frisbee football) players. Lots of sprinting, some jumping, etc.)

Limericks r fun 2 write
when your authorship pwrs r lite
this medium's sweet
a short little tweet
this one's not great - just alright

(my first Twitter limerick!)

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John M. Hoyt said...

hahaha I was thinking about writing limmericks on Twitter because a friend is doing poetry... Welll, lo and behold, you have already done it. hahahaah