Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Scanning for spyware...

Sometimes I get sick of spyware. Actually, pretty much every time I come across it, which fortunately isn't all that often.

I'm working on a client's computer right now that is infected with XPAntivirus08, an insidious program that installs without asking, detects bogus infections, and then only "cleans" the infections if you pay for the full version. Oh, and it's hard to uninstall. Great.

So while I wait for Spybot--a legitimate spyware removal tool--to scan and clean the system, I figured I would blog.

My boss is on vacation this week; so I am holding down the fort. It is intentionally a fairly empty week, but as these things go, I'm sure it will be busy. For example, this particular call was unscheduled. I'm sure there will be more like it before the week is done.

Well, the scan is about done. I'm going to wrap up and get back to work.


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Michael said...

I have an idea for a new UAC for Windows 7. Instead of asking someone if they want to install software, it just sends an electrical shock through the keyboard.