Saturday, June 21, 2008

Saturday morning

I decided if it was early enough for the birds it was early enough for me.

Slept pretty poorly last night. For a while I was lying here wondering what time it might possibly be. Then I noticed it was slightly lighter outside. Or was that just my imagination? Then I heard the first peewee sing its song. I decided to get up and greet the morning with the birds of the air.

There are probably 50000 cardinals in this area, but there are also phoebes, robins, tanangers, thrushes, vireos, and countless others I don't recognize. Oh, and I heard a barred owl while I was still in bed.

And I didn't metion the mosquito buzzing my ear.

Now a jetski just started on the lake.

I think I might close my eyes and try to get a little more sleep.

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