Sunday, August 26, 2007

Monthly Post

My brother reprimanded me for not posting recently. Having not checked in a few weeks, he expecteded there to be at least one post. But there were none... So I'm sitting on the couch with Kathy, watching pre-season football, and writing an entry on my phone.

We are getting towards the end of our Ultimate season. We have an off weekend and then tournaments the next two. That should be it then. It's been fun, but i'm looking forward to some extra free time.

I'll have more time for skating. I borrowed my cousin's roller blades which she left at our house while she was out of the country. I enjoyed it quite a lot so I decided to buy my own, especially since hers were old and not very comfortable. Since the are low impact (read knee friendly) I try to get out most days. So far I just being going forward and learning how to stop. I don't have pads yet and don't feel like injuring myself at this time

Well, I think it's about time for bed. Plus it's not the easiest thing to type on this phone, even with a qwerty keyboard.

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