Tuesday, July 10, 2007

New mail setup

Well, I had a little fun with email this week. I noticed yesterday that I hadn't received any email. In case you don't know, I host my own email. I have a Windows server here at the house that receives all of our mail. I looked at the server and everything seemed to be running fine. I looked at the firewall to make sure it was still configured to forward mail to the server. I also restarted both the server and the firewall.

Still wasn't working. A test message just disappeared into never, never land. I tried to connect to the server from an outside computer that I have access to--no luck. I finally decided I was just going to go to bed and find out if Comcast started blocking port 25, which is necessary for email to happen.

Sure enough. My first search this morning turned up an article from ZDNet, hot off the press. If I was a corporate customer I definitely would have called and complained, but since I'm just a techy home user, hosting his personal mail, I decided to change options and move on.

So Kathy and I are now using Google Apps. I'm excited about giving it a try. I'll have to find a way to synchronize calendar, contacts, and email for Kathy's Axim. I'm not too worried about that, though. I already found a free app to synchronize calendar. I'm going to email my friend that uses Google Apps at work and see what they use.

However, I just finished making the changes, and sometimes internet changes can take a little time to move across the globe. We should be up and running soon!

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