Friday, June 15, 2007

No Surf

After work today I am heading to Cleveland, Ohio. No Surf is an Ultimate tournament that I am going to with Robot House--a team based out of Kalamazoo that I played with last fall. Should be a fun weekend! I might even get down to see my family.

Work has been ridiculously busy the last few weeks. I thought it was busy before that... It seems like I have been working later and longer. I can't complain too much since it means I get paid more, but I haven't had time to keep up on my paperwork so there are some evenings where I spend a little time working on that. I am definitely looking forward to our vacation in Florida next week.

On Friday Kathy and I are flying down to Florida to celebrate our 10th anniversary. We'll cap off the vacation with my step-sister's wedding on June 30th.

Right now, I'm working on updating a laptop which I will shortly be taking back to a client. They were having some issues with this laptop and so we decided to rebuild it. I wasn't quite able to finish before the end of the day yesterday so I will head out this morning to finish it up.

Hope you have a happy Friday!

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